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Featured Roof Finials

Angled Roof Finials

We supply a large range of angled roof finials that come on different angled ridge tile fittings. Normally the crucial thing when choosing angled roof finials is to get the correct ridge tile fitting so the angle (or degrees) either matches the adjacent ridge tiles or the roof pitch

Hip End Finials

We supply a large range of ornate hip end roof finials for the roof. The hip end finials are typically installed on the end of a ridge tile run before a conjoining roof structure meets or where the hips, bonnets or ridge tiles converge to give a decorative finish

Dragons, Gargoyles & Wyverns

We supply a stunning range of reproduction Victorian and our own exclusive dragon, gargoyle and wyvern roof finial designs. The finials come in different sizes and styles to suit a range of tastes and they are available on half round, angled and segmental ridge tiles

Dragon Chimney Pots

The dragon chimney pots are really different and unique and can be finished in all kinds of colours and effects. The dragons are sculptured clinging to the pot and the dragon is finished with excellent detailing such as the muscular body, scales, claws and knuckles, tail and facial features

Half Round Finials

In the half round category there are a mixture of reproduction Victorian roof finials featuring spike, ball, fleur de lis, curved leaf and coronet crest heads as wells as finial sculptures such as dragons, gargoyles, wyverns, animals, birds, cats and more

Segmental Finials

We offer a range of segmental roof finials or 3rd round ridges or finials as they are also known. The tile length is approx 17-18" long or around 450mm long in metric. They are versatile because they work with nearly all roof pitches and there are some great designs to choose from

Welcome to roof finial

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Roof finial is home to a large collection of architectural roof finials, Victorian reproduction roof finials, finial sculptures, traditional finials, reclaimed finials, chimney pots and wall plaques. The roof finial ranges and products we supply are all British Kitemarked and come in a range of colours, fittings, sizes and styles to suit just about any roof or project. Products can be ordered quickly and conveniently online at reasonable prices with delivery included to anywhere in the UK Mainland, England & Wales area

Our customers include roofers, builders, roofing centres, property developers, architects, keen DIY enthusiasts, property owners and many others that have utilised the range of roof finials, products and services to great effect in their new builds and restoration projects. We are a finial supplier that provides customers with an excellent selection of roof finials for just about any roof pitch or roof style and we pride ourselves on the quality of the products and excellent customer service that we offer

Amongst the range you will find traditional style roof finials such as ball top, spike, scroll, scollop and fleur de lys finials which are great for adding a point of interest to the roof or for replacing broken finials to restore a lost architectural feature. We also offer colour matching too and can produce bespoke colour matched finials to match existing ridge tiles and roof tiles so that they are better suited to or are in keeping with a particular colour, theme or style. There is a diverse range of styles from very intrciate and ornate finial designs in the range but also plain and decorative designs which can suit properties built in particular eras. There is a range of cats, hawks, owls, gargoyles, dragons, wyverns, grotesques and gothic style finials. All have excellent proportions and detail and there is a great choice of angled ridge tile, half round ridge tile and segmental ridge tile fittings to choose from plus other unusual, discontinued or rare fittings

Please check out the website to discover your perfect finial or product. We can supply hard to find roof finials or unusual ridge fittings or angles that customers cannot easily obtain in reclamation yards, roofing centres or anywhere else online. Please contact us by telephone, email, facebook or whatsapp for more information about the products and services we offer