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Guardian dragon granular brown two tone finial

The ornamental use of roof finials dates back centuries and is still significant today due to restoration purposes and in this case adding a unique and personal touch to the roof. Dragons form a decorative addition to buildings with various types and sizes available for any style of roof to enhance their visual appeal. The dragon, a staple of gothic Architecture design, is commonly regarded as a traditional style of roof finial because of the air of mystery and enchantment it exudes and it's revival in recent times is the ultimate way to add a feature to the roof

This dragon finial was made specially for a customer and features a bespoke colour scheme. The customer wanted to make their building more unique by having a dragon finial made bespoke just for them. The half round ridge tile portion of the dragon finial was coloured to match a granular brown tile sample the customer supplied us. To make the dragon part of the piece stand out, it was given a unique terracotta colour. The end effect is an exquisite two-tone pattern.

The images showcase the dragon finial, allowing viewers to appreciate the meticulous attention to detail that went into its creation especially with the colour matching.The dragon stands out against the grainy brown roof tiles thanks to its subtly terracotta tone.The combination of the two opposing colours makes for a stunning and attention grabbing roof design element.

This dragon is constructed from frost-proof concrete and is British kitemarked, much like the rest of our roof finials. This ensures that it is durable and safe enough for use in the United Kingdom, and that it will endure for many years. It was made by experienced craftsmen in the United Kingdom, and the product reflects their dedication and care.

Traditionally finials in the style of dragons and gargoyles have been used on Gothic style roofs for decades. They are a classic architectural element seen on many older buildings and a trendy option for individuals looking to give their home a mystical air. The appropriate roof finial design and colour scheme can make all the difference in the world, and this dragon finial is a fine illustration of that.

Dragon finials are a stunning architectural detail that may give any structure its own special flair. This dragon finial was made to order to match the customer's specific roof tiles. This roof feature will survive for a very long time and continue to look great due to its frost-resistant concrete, two-tone design, and meticulous attention to detail. A dragon finial may be just what you need to give your structure that certain something.

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