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9 x sabre crest dragon finials

Dragon finials give every roof a distinctive and lovely look. These ornamental elements lend refinement and playfulness to a roof's ridge. Our UK workshop makes dragons in a variety of colours.

We recently made 9 half round ridge tile dragon finials for a customer who wanted them on 9 roof elevations. We provide a variety of dragon finial designs to suit different tastes and styles. Dragon finials look fantastic on historical and grade listed buildings as well as modern and contemporary ones. They are popular with homeowners and architects who wish to customise their roofs.

We make sure our dragon finials fulfil British requirements BS EN 490: 2004 and BS EN 491: 2004. Our dragon finials are crafted from a high quality, through colored concrete mix. Our customer's half round ridge tile dragon finials show how our dragon designs may create distinctive and eye catching features. The dragon designs and half round form make the tiles look majestic.

Dragon finials are appreciated for their versatility. They give charm to any roof and come in a variety of colours to suit various tastes. We have a dragon finial that will match your roof or stand out. Dragon finials are more than aesthetics. They protect the roof ridge from rain and other factors. Our company makes gorgeous, durable dragon finials. We know our clients will love our finials since our craftsmen take great care to make them to the highest standards.

Dragon finials bring flair and charm to any roof. These dragon designs add fun to your house or make a big statement. These half round ridge tile dragon finals are a great illustration of how our dragon designs can produce eye catching features

Check out the dragon roof finial designs we offer

Guardian dragon granular brown two tone finial

The ornamental use of roof finials dates back centuries and is still significant today due to restoration purposes and in this case adding a unique and personal touch to the roof. Dragons form a decorative addition to buildings with various types and sizes available for any style of roof to enhance their visual appeal. The dragon, a staple of gothic Architecture design, is commonly regarded as a traditional style of roof finial because of the air of mystery and enchantment it exudes and it's revival in recent times is the ultimate way to add a feature to the roof

This dragon finial was made specially for a customer and features a bespoke colour scheme. The customer wanted to make their building more unique by having a dragon finial made bespoke just for them. The half round ridge tile portion of the dragon finial was coloured to match a granular brown tile sample the customer supplied us. To make the dragon part of the piece stand out, it was given a unique terracotta colour. The end effect is an exquisite two-tone pattern.

The images showcase the dragon finial, allowing viewers to appreciate the meticulous attention to detail that went into its creation especially with the colour matching.The dragon stands out against the grainy brown roof tiles thanks to its subtly terracotta tone.The combination of the two opposing colours makes for a stunning and attention grabbing roof design element.

This dragon is constructed from frost-proof concrete and is British kitemarked, much like the rest of our roof finials. This ensures that it is durable and safe enough for use in the United Kingdom, and that it will endure for many years. It was made by experienced craftsmen in the United Kingdom, and the product reflects their dedication and care.

Traditionally finials in the style of dragons and gargoyles have been used on Gothic style roofs for decades. They are a classic architectural element seen on many older buildings and a trendy option for individuals looking to give their home a mystical air. The appropriate roof finial design and colour scheme can make all the difference in the world, and this dragon finial is a fine illustration of that.

Dragon finials are a stunning architectural detail that may give any structure its own special flair. This dragon finial was made to order to match the customer's specific roof tiles. This roof feature will survive for a very long time and continue to look great due to its frost-resistant concrete, two-tone design, and meticulous attention to detail. A dragon finial may be just what you need to give your structure that certain something.

Check out the dragon roof finial designs we offer

Spike roof finials are a timeless architectural feature

The roof may be the lesser noticed part of a structure, yet it has a significant impact on the building's aesthetic appeal. To many individuals, the first thing they notice about a structure are the roof finials. This blog post will focus on 9 x spike roof finials that are a close match in colour to compliment Redbank ridge tiles.

Dating back to the Victorian era, spike roof finials are now considered a classic piece of architecture that ferature on all kinds of buildings and structure and enhance the roof with architectural detail. These finials were custom made for a client who wanted a close match to go atop roof elevations already covered with Redbank roof tiles. Rather than serving any practical use, they are being added to the structure as decorative embellishments to enhance its aesthetic appeal.

The finials are British kitemarked, guaranteeing that they are of sufficient quality and safety to be used in the UK. Made in a workshop by talented craftsmen with a genuine passion for the work they do, they are also 100% British.

These finials are custom made, thus it is crucial that they match the colour of the customer's roof tile sample exactly. The finials are made to closely resemble the existing roof tiles, and the uniform colouring across the whole piece guarantees that they will retain their beauty for years to come.

The photographs show the finials curing on a pallet in the open air. This stage of producton is crucial because it guarantees that the finials will be thoroughly cured, making them sturdy and lasting for years to come.

While traditionally associated with Victorian architecture, roof finials can be employed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of any structure, old or new. They are a terrific method to make a structure stand out from the crowd while also being a classic architectural element that will never go out of style. These 9 x decorative spike roof finials were produced for a property that had several gable end roofs and dormers. The most important thing was the customer wanted to match the finials up with the colour of their ridge and roof tiles. They submitted a ridge tile as the colour matching sample and the finials were produced to match the ridge tile as closely as possible

In conclusion, the expertise and workmanship displayed in these 9 x spike roof finials are indicative of the calibre of the products one may expect from the construction of such elements of architecture. Built to withstand freezing temperatures, they are british kitemarked and handcrafted in the United Kingdom. These finials will bring personality and charm to the structure thanks to their specific colour match to the customer's roof tile sample. Installing spike roof finials is a great option if you want to give your home a more unique and appealing aspect. They will look great for many years to come and be an enduring part of your building's design.

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To cap off your roof, install a dragon finial. A roof dragon finial made to order in any colour

Adding roof finials to your property is an excellent method to give it a more sophisticated and alluring appearance. They are a decorative feature that sits on top of a roof, and they may be used to compliment the overall style of your home when they are installed. Our specialist workshop is dedicated to the production of bespoke roof finials, such as the one-of-a-kind and visually appealing terracotta dragon roof finial.

A client of ours recently expressed interest in purchasing a dragon roof finial so that they could give their house a more fantastical feel. The dragon itself is terracota in colour and the ridge is colour matched to the customer's roof tile sample. This makes for a wonderful and personalised colour combination

The first thing that needed to be done in order to create the finial was to ensure that the colour of the finial was identical to the colour of the customer's current roof tiles. The customer supplied a sample of the roof tile they wanted replicated, and our skilled craftsmen used it to assure an exact match. We were able to develop a finial that fits in perfctly with the customer's already-installed roof tiles by matching the tile's colour and texture.

In order to guarantee that the finial is of the greatest possible quality and is able to survive the weather, it is crafted from a frost-resistant concrete that has been given the British kitemark. The terracotta dragon sticks out against the grey concrete and is certain to be a topic of discusion for every guest that the homeowner has over to the house.

Consider purchasing a terracotta dragon roof finial for your home if you are interested in bringing a bit of the fantastical world into your everyday life. In our workshop, we are able to make dragon finials that will enhance the overall appeal of your home by matching the colour of the finial to the colour of the roof tiles that are already on your home.

Check out the dragon roof finial designs we offer