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Angled hip ends

angled hip end roof finials.jpg_category

We offer a large range of angled hip end roof finials. There are angled hip ends that are angled at 35 and 45 degrees to give a range of fitting options for roofs that are a typical 90 degree pitch (45 degree ridge) or  wider at 110 degree pitch (35 degree ridge)

The hip end finials are enclosed at the front and are angled downward to meet the angular direction of the hip tiles, bonnets or ridges. The back of the finial is open to allow for mortar bedding and the mortar join to adjacent ridge tiles or the roof structure

Check the subcategories to view the range of angled hip ends that we offer. The BBB, OAB and SFB range are angled at 45 degrees and the OBB range is angled at 35 degrees

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