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Update 18/06/24: Please allow in general approx. 4-6 weeks lead time from ordering to receive the order. For multiples, larger items and special order items such as the dragon chimney pots and check lead time on product listing or contact us regarding availability

Roof finial crest heads

roof finial crest heads.jpg

We have a large range of different roof finial crest heads to choose from including ball top, cross, crown, curved leaf, fleur de lys, spike ball, spike and swan neck scrolled finial crests

Most of the finials that we offer are made up of two components which are the ridge base and the finial crest heads. During manufacturing the two are combined and it creates over 300 individual roof finials across all of the ranges

You can find very ornate finials amongst the range to more simple or plain designs and there are finials to suit virtually all tastes and styles

We produce all roof finials in antique terracotta as standard but we can produce them in other colours such as anthracite, slate grey or why not check out the colour matching option

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