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Update 28/04/22: We are currently making all pieces to order, please allow approx. 8 weeks lead time from ordering to receive the order

35 Degree finials

35 degree roof finials3

We offer a large selection of 35 degree roof finials. They are best suited to wider roofs with a 105 - 115 degree pitch or for installation alongside ridge tiles of a similar pitch

There are 3 main collections of 35 degree roof finials that we offer. These are the OA and OB ranges which are a medium sized collection of roof finials and the SS range which is a smaller sized collection of roof finials

You will find finials that have decorative spike, ball top, fleur de lys, gargoyle, curved leaf, crown and many more crest heads amongst the designs in the collecitons. The finials are made by default in standard antique terracotta colour but we can also produce them in other standard colours and can also offer colour matching



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Results 1 - 12 of 29Show:     Items Per Page