Check out the Ridge Dragon shop for a great selection of ridge dragons, dragon finials, roof dragons, gargoyles and the other range of mythical beasts, grotesques and roof finial creations we produce

Update 19/05/24: Please allow in general approx. 4-6 weeks lead time from ordering to receive the order. For multiples, larger items and special order items such as the dragon chimney pots and check lead time on product listing or contact us regarding availability

Half round roof finials

half round finial

We offer a large range of half round roof finials. Half round finials and ridge tiles are among the most versatile finials because they work with and can be installed on practically all roof pitches

In the half round category there are a mixture of reproduction Victorian roof finials featuring spike, ball, fleur de lis, curved leaf and coronet crest heads as wells as finial sculptures such as dragons, gargoyles, wyverns, animals, birds, cats and more

The half round finials are great for decorating gable ends, hip ends and some can be installed on angled hip runs or ridge runs due to the versatility of the ridge tile fitting. The roof finial designs come in antique terracotta by default but other standard colours and colour matching is also available

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