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9 x sabre crest dragon finials

9 x sabre crest dragon finials

Dragon finials give every roof a distinctive and lovely look. These ornamental elements lend refinement and playfulness to a roof's ridge. Our UK workshop makes dragons in a variety of colours.

We recently made 9 half round ridge tile dragon finials for a customer who wanted them on 9 roof elevations. We provide a variety of dragon finial designs to suit different tastes and styles. Dragon finials look fantastic on historical and grade listed buildings as well as modern and contemporary ones. They are popular with homeowners and architects who wish to customise their roofs.

We make sure our dragon finials fulfil British requirements BS EN 490: 2004 and BS EN 491: 2004. Our dragon finials are crafted from a high quality, through colored concrete mix. Our customer's half round ridge tile dragon finials show how our dragon designs may create distinctive and eye catching features. The dragon designs and half round form make the tiles look majestic.

Dragon finials are appreciated for their versatility. They give charm to any roof and come in a variety of colours to suit various tastes. We have a dragon finial that will match your roof or stand out. Dragon finials are more than aesthetics. They protect the roof ridge from rain and other factors. Our company makes gorgeous, durable dragon finials. We know our clients will love our finials since our craftsmen take great care to make them to the highest standards.

Dragon finials bring flair and charm to any roof. These dragon designs add fun to your house or make a big statement. These half round ridge tile dragon finals are a great illustration of how our dragon designs can produce eye catching features

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