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Square 4 sided roof finials

square roof finials

This is the square roof finial range, they are quite versatile because they can be installed on the roof on both a flat surface or platform or over the roof tiles or hips (if the dimensions allow). There is a void on the underside of the finial to allow it to be fitted in a variety of ways, see the listings for more information

They look great as the top finishing finial when fitted on a square, double hip, pyramid or rectangular shaped roof where the roofs go up to an apex or square platform. They can also be used to great effect for other applications such as a capping on a parapet roof, as a gate pier or as a decorative piece on a flat surface

Customers find many creative ways of using the finials to decorate not only roofs but gardens and can use them to create beautiful displays or use them as beautiful gate piers

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Results 1 - 11 of 11Show:     Items Per Page