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Update 01/07/24: Please allow in general approx. 4-6 weeks lead time from ordering to receive the order. For multiples, larger items and special order items such as the dragon chimney pots and check lead time on product listing or contact us regarding availability


Add a touch of elegance to your roof with our exquisite terracotta horse head roof finial. This meticulously crafted piece seamlessly combines timeless tradition and a hint of majestic allure. If you're looking to enhance your rooftop with a unique and decorative accent that exudes charm and character, this finial is the perfect choice

45 degree roof ridge tile

Dimensions - H:21.5” x L:9.25” x W:11”

Ideal for wider roofs with a 85-95 degree pitch. Creates an excellent roof feature or can be used as a garden statue

35 degree ridge tile

Performance & Quality

All products are British Kitemarked which is an industry standard for quality. Products are made in accordance with and meet the criteria for BS EN 490:2004 and BS EN 491:2004. The products were tested and passed strict performance criteria in terms of strength, impermeability to rainwater and freeze-thaw resistance

We have been supplying architectural roof finials, wall plaques, stoneware, statues and garden ornaments for many years. We pride ourselves on quality and attention to detail to produce products to the highest standards. This gargoyle crest roof ridge tile is made from a strong concrete base mix with additives and glass fibre strands and there are several finishing layers applied to give the product further protection and its final appearance

Bespoke nature of items

We provide a comprehensive range of designs, ridge bases, finial crests, colour finishes, and customisation options, offering a range of possibilities that result in a multitude of unique and individual finial designs. To cater to this variety, each product is made bespoke, meticulously tailored and created based on the specific preferences of our clients. As a result, each item comes with an associated lead time and delivery schedule (please consult the delivery information for specific details). The images are meant purely for illustrative purposes, and some measurements could be approximate. For exact or additional product information, please feel free to contact us for more information


Colour options

Antique_TerracottaAntique Terracotta

This is the standard antique terracotta colour. It is as generic as possible to work with and compliment most roofs. It has an antique effect overlay which gives it a lovely aged appearance


This colour is near dark black with a blueish hue tint it is a very popular choice to work with dark roof slates, ridge tiles or roof tiles

Slate_GreySlate Grey

This colour is a mid grey colour. It works really well with grey slate roofs or if you are matching to grey coloured roof tiles, ridge tiles and fittings

colour_matchingColour Matching From £15 extra per finial

We can produce bespoke roof finials in just about any colour imaginable with excellent results. Please send us a tile or colour sample (can be as small as 1") to our Essex workshop so that we can match to the true physical colour and replicate the colour and texture using our finishing technique

Colour matches and finishing options: Customers opt for colour matched finials for heritage and restoration work, adding and restoring detail to the roof whilst maintaining consistency so the finial is in keeping with the colour of the roof ridges, tiles and roof fittings. Wonderful feature finials can be produced and personalised with colour matching and finishing effects to make something extra special

Please note matching to photos: We can no longer match to photos because it has proved to be an unreliable method because lighting conditions and screen colour setups can make the true colour look a lot different

Previous customers have asked us to produce roof finials to compliment their roof tiles or ridge tiles from manufacturers such as: Redland, Marley Eternit, Sandtoft, Russell Roof Tiles, Wienerberger, Forticrete, Heritage tiles, Aldershaw, Dreadnought, Tudor, Lagan, Imerys, Keymer and many others


All products are well packaged with strong boxes and impact resistant foam to protect them in transit. We use APC Courier signed for delivery service for the majority of deliveries. We sometimes use our own transport for local deliveries or large orders
When an order is ready we contact all customers to arrange a convenient day for the delivery. We can book in the delivery for: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. Deliveries take place between the couriers delivery time window: 9:00am 17:00pm

All products include delivery to Zone A Mainland UK in the price so if the delivery address falls within the Mainland UK area there is no extra delivery cost to pay (If the delivery address is in one of the other zones or if you are an international customer please contact us for availability and a delivery quote)

**Due to customs complexity and rising courier costs sadly we can no longer offer delivery to Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Isle of Wight, Scilly Islands, all EU and other International countries beyond UK mainland. If you have the option to arrange onwards delivery from an area we ship to that could be one potential solution. Please note if an order is placed to an area that we do not offer shipping to and a refund is requested we will only be able to recover the amount minus the card processing fee from our provider which is 3% per transaction so we urge customers to contact us prior to ordering**


Lead Time

We provide a comprehensive range of designs, ridge bases, finial crests, colour finishes, and customisation options. To cater to this variety, each product is made bespoke for our customers
As a general guideline please allow up to 4-6 weeks from ordering to receive an order - This allows for curing time, finishing, boxing up and delivery of the order if we are completely out of stock

Urgent orders

Please contact us before ordering to check stock level if you need an order urgently. We can advise on the stock level and advise if we can meet a particular deadline

Top tip - How about leaving a gap so the finials can be fitted later?

If roof work is progressing quickly or scaffolding is due to come down all may not be lost!. How about leaving the correct size gap and allowance for mortar join so that finial(s) can be installed later?

Normally the ridge tiles can often be installed from the gap left for the finials so that roof work isn't held up. Most finials are a one person carry/lift and potentially could be installed using a ladder later to finish off the roof and add a lovely finishing feature

Please note: Lead time may exceed the standard 4-6 weeks guideline if an order is placed for multiple products, bespoke colour products or if there are adverse weather conditions or delays beyond our control


Roof finials can be installed on the roof in the following ways

1. Traditional mortar bedding

Roof finials can be installed in the same way as ridge tiles by using standard mortar bedding. If the finial is tall, heavy or if you want to add additional strength and stability to the finial install you can use the method below in addition to using a mortar bed

2. Mechanical fixing strap and mortar bedding

This finial comes with a galvanized metal strap, one end is secured to the underside of the finial ridge base out of view during manufacturing. The metal strap is strong, flexible and can be uncoiled and cut down to size. It has a series of holes which means it can be either screwed in, nailed or secured in place with mortar to part of the roof structure. When an installer secures the metal strap they can then hide it from view using traditional mortar bed, the mortar bedding and mortar join between the finial and adjacent ridge tile hides the strap out of view leaving a neat finish

mechanical fixing

Dry fixing

Another method of fixing finials to the roof is the dry fixing method. Dry fixing involves using a particular manufacturers dry fixing system normally consisting of brackets or other kinds of mechanical fixings to secure ridge tiles and finials to the roof without using mortar. Please contact us if you are using a dry fix ridge system to see if this finial design could be produced to be compatible with a particular system